Birth year: 1977 (Leo)
City of Residence: Stouffville
Country: Canada
Occupation: Software Developer

Born and raised in Scarborough, Canada, I am the only member of my family born outside Germany, hence the MR logo.  My family moved to Canada in the late 1960s and until recently we had lived in the same house for over 30 years.

I spent most of my childhood playing hockey and soccer, which to this day I still follow. Being from Toronto, I am a big Leafs fan and my new passion is Toronto FC. I also am a big supporter of Bayern Munich. Although I no longer play either sport, I still try to keep fit by playing tennis whenever possible.

I got involved in computers in the 3rd grade and since then I have had a fascination with them and what they can do.  I started basic programming a few years later and that planted the seed for what was to follow.

My university studies took me to the University Of Toronto, where I graduated in 2000 with a Honours Bachelor of Science Degree (with Distinction) in Computer Science.

During my university years, I worked in the IT division at Universal Studios Canada where I learnt everything there was about computer hardware and technical support.  Before that job I did not know a thing about the inside of a computer, but that quickly changed and by the end I was refurbishing systems from scratch.

I was also fortunate enough to be in the co-op program which allowed me to have two 4-month work terms at IBM Canada doing various technical positions in networking and storage systems.  The experiences I picked up there allowed me to then join the company full time upon graduation in the Toronto Lab, where I am now a Software Developer with DB2.

Outside work, I enjoy to travel.  In the past few years I have been able to go to places like Las Vegas, Cancun, Maui, Munich, Bahamas and Aruba.  I look forward to seeing new and exotic places, to learn about the different cultures and landscapes.  But, I do not always need to go on the big excursion, I often like to take weekend getaways to a new place nearby, just to experience something new.

When possible I try to mix travel with sports.  Being a Leafs fan, I like to travel to away games where possible.  So far I have just been to Buffalo and Montreal, but would like to expand that in the future. My latest trip was for a Toronto FC game in Columbus and I hope there will be many more.

When things seem to be going a little fast, I enjoy relaxing listening to music.  Some find me odd, but I enjoy dance music, especially trance and house, to relax me.  The sometimes hypnotic beats as I like to put it, get me into a good frame of mind and allows me to get away from the stress.  My favourite DJ is TiŽsto from Holland.  I do not buy many CDs, but I think I own everyone of his since CDs since 2000.  It is kind of funny, how over here in North America not many people knew of him five years ago, but now his music makes the radio airwaves, not just the underground clubs.

Anyhow, enough about me.  Enjoy the site and I hope you find some things interesting and of use.  Feel free to leave me feedback any time.

Take care.