Selections for Shavz

Total Points: 300 pts.

Group Stage: 100 pts. [20 out of 36 correct (56%)]

Group Team 1 Team 2 Result Right/Wrong
A France Romania France
A Albania Switzerland Switzerland
B Wales Slovakia Wales
B England Russia Tie
D Turkey Croatia Croatia
C Poland Northern Ireland Poland
C Germany Ukraine Germany
D Spain Czech Republic Spain
E Republic of Ireland Sweden Sweden
E Belgium Italy Tie
F Austria Hungary Tie
F Portugal Iceland Portugal
B Russia Slovakia Russia
A Romania Switzerland Tie
A France Albania France
B England Wales England
C Ukraine Northern Ireland Ukraine
C Germany Poland Germany
E Italy Sweden Italy
D Czech Republic Croatia Croatia
D Spain Turkey Spain
E Belgium Republic of Ireland Belgium
F Iceland Hungary Tie
F Portugal Austria Portugal
A Switzerland France France
A Romania Albania Albania
B Slovakia England England
B Russia Wales Wales
C Northern Ireland Germany Germany
C Ukraine Poland Poland
D Croatia Spain Spain
D Czech Republic Turkey Tie
F Hungary Portugal Portugal
F Iceland Austria Austria
E Sweden Belgium Belgium
E Italy Republic of Ireland Italy

Knockout Stage: 155 pts.

2nd Round Teams

  1. France
  2. Switzerland
  3. England
  4. Wales
  5. Russia
  6. Germany
  7. Poland
  8. Ukraine
  9. Spain
  10. Croatia
  11. Czech Republic
  12. Belgium
  13. Italy
  14. Sweden
  15. Portugal
  16. Austria


  1. France
  2. England
  3. Wales
  4. Germany
  5. Poland
  6. Spain
  7. Croatia
  8. Belgium


  1. France
  2. England
  3. Germany
  4. Spain


  1. France
  2. Spain


  1. France

Top Scorers: 45 pts.

Player Team Number of Goals
Antoine Griezmann France 6
Thomas Müller Germany 0
Álvaro Morata Spain 3


Total goals scored in Euro 2016: 163